Welcome to South Africa

Experience the hospitality of our local culture in the garden centre industry. We start our IGCA 2020 Congress in the economical hub of South Africa – Gauteng. With Johannesburg as our base our itinerary showcases award winning garden centres as well as our African heritage. We include a visit to Pretoria our Capital as well as the cradle of mankind – a world heritage site.

We then head by plane to Cape Town, South Africa’s oldest city, to continue our tour under the ever present and iconic Table Mountain – one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World and home to the smallest floral kingdom on earth. We look forward to showcasing the garden centres in this region which have a uniquely Cape Town culture, as well as different plant material compared to our Gauteng stores.
This is wine country and our tour will sample some of the best local vintages as well as showcasing the beautiful scenery and rich history of the Western Cape.  A visit to the world renowned Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden tops the list as a highlight of this leg of the tour.

Message from the SANA President: Peter Runkel

South Africa has a rich history and strong connection to IGCA and I look forward to our fellow industry Members rediscovering our country as well as welcoming Members who will see South Africa for the first time. Our first IGCA Congress in South Africa in 1996 at the dawn of our new democracy anchored our relationship with IGCA for a generation. We loved sharing our country with the 2007 IGCA Congress and building on the legacy of knowledge sharing. Our hearts were full when IGCA elected Nick Stodel as the first IGCA President from Africa. As an industry as well as an Association we have benefited and continue to benefit from out IGCA bond. Being appointed as the new IGCA Administrators has been another highlight for us.
As a proud South African I have no doubt that our country will leave its mark as an experience of a lifetime and a need to return with your families.